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my favorites (:


avengers.... best. movie. of. all . time.
i got the avengers fever, avenger infection. holy. i love them.
the cast acts like family, it's greatt.. ;)

The hawk and the spider better end up together if marvel know's what good for them and helll JEREMY RENNER. HOTEST GUY ALIVE.  he needs to be a man and tell scarlet that he loves her. god, it's totally obvs. they have a lot of chemistry.

I'm never letting this fandom goo. <3
  • Listening to: let's get married. ahah, don't ask...
  • Reading: fanfiction... O.O
  • Watching: avenger videos <3
  • Playing: music.
  • Eating: nothinnnnnnng.
  • Drinking: pop!


iLOOVEfanART's Profile Picture
About me? Well, I like sports, I love hanging with friends, dancing is one of my passions and well becoming a famous singer is pretty far up there on my "To-Do" list. I'm honestly just a regular teenage girl who falls in love with everything. I don't know how many couples and fandoms I have, lost count. LOL. I just love a lot of famous people with great personalities! Second too that, I take jazz dance, which I'm pretty good at, and I usually have no idea what I'm really saying half the time.

But here are the 4 main things you should know about me, if you interested:

1) I have an excessive love for the British/American actor Andrew Russel Garfield. In case you didn't know plays the sexy Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. I also have a mad love for Mark Norman Reedus. He is just perfection and everything he does just makes me fangurl to death. I also love Logan Lerman. My god he is sexy. ;) and many others.

2) I am and Directioner AND a Belieber. SHUT YOUR FACE. I am. I don't really have a favourtie in my bristish boy band, but if I really had to pick one it would be Harry. #sorrynotsorry. Yes, with the curly hair and the quirky attitude.

3)I belong to many fandoms. As of right now I am a Garfielder (Andrew Garfield), a Directioner (One Direction) a Belieber (Justin Bieber) Potterhead/Witch (Harry Potter) Tribute (Hunger Games) A demi-god (Percy Jackson), An Initiate (Divergent) Sherlockian (Sherlock Holmes), Hunter (Supernatural), Whovian (Doctor Who), An Avenger (The Avengers) Mahomie (Austin Mahone), and many many more fandoms.

4) I like the TV shows; How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang, The Walking Dead, Dexter, SYTYCD, ABDC, etc. I wanna be a writer when I'm older, I love to write and create stories so a lot of my work will be on here. I'm a hardcore Walking Dead fan and that's what most of my post are going to consist of and all my other fandoms haha.

More random things you should know about me but probably don't care about:

5) I'm totally in love with a serial killer who kills killers? I know , the irony. BUT I LOVE IT. Dexter, you facking complete me.

6) Karate Boys, Soccer Boys, Skater Boys, Surfer Boys = Athletic Boys = HOT.

7) THE KARATE KID MOVIES IS THE BEST. DANIEL LARUSSO. MARRY ME! pwease?..... I had a Karate Kid phase.

8) ROCKY BALBOA IS THE MAN. WHATTA CHAMP! I really do wish more people we like him. So fulll of heart.

9) Harrry Potter is one of the greatest franchise known to man. PERIOD.

10) I am part of the broarmy! *brofist* Pewdiepie is the man. He has the best scream in the world. CRYS LAUGHTER IS THEBOM.COM. ken is hot. So Mr.Chair, Piggeh and oh um STEPHANO. beautiful.......... just b-e-a-utiful.

11) Simply, if I don't listen to music everyday, I get really cranky. Music is my LIFE.

Alan, Alex, Josh, Gypsy, Josh, Joe, Matt = TKWC
Lil Wayne, Drake, Lil Twist, Nicki Minaj, Tyga = YMCMB
One direction
The Wanted
Mariana's Trench
And more!

12) I ship:
Scarlett Johanson x Jermey Renner
Robert Downey Jr x Gwyneth Paltrow
Jennifer Lawrence X Josh Hutcherson
Emma Stone x Andrew Garfield (YUS, I KNOW! Emma I envy you)
Daryl x Carol
Rick x Michonne
Harry x Ginny
Ron x Hermione
Percy x Annabeth,
and many many other ships I can't think of because there is so many.

13) I love YouTube, on it a lot and I'm not ashamed. My Favorite Youtubers are:

and many more!

14) Favorite YouTube Couples are:
pewds & marzia
shane & lisa
jesse & jenna
anthony & kalel
dominic & lauren

15) I do a lot of things with my life then stay on tumblr till 3am. I write stories, (which I already mentioned), but if you want to check them out this is the link -->

If you have gotten here. I give you props. This means you took time out of your busy day scrolling through tumblr to read my whole profile and learn about my crazy obsessions. So, you should follow me while your at it. Anyways, thanks for reading!


#Caryl #Rickyl #Richonne #Gleggie #TWD #USSCARYL

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